Project Description

ARCHITECT:  Ceccato Hall & Associates
BUILDER: Hutchinson Builders

The Anthony John Group engaged JH Glass Innovation to undertake (2) glazing components that would represent a first of its kind in Australia.  The components whilst inspired by glass concepts that the owner had seen overseas, had not been constructed in Australia before and that made it difficult to find a supplier.

Director of JH Glass Innovation, John Hyde undertook the challenge and delivered some amazing works of art whilst also creating new design concepts that will continue to facilitate the development of unique glass concepts in Australia. 

Level 21 Doors

The doors to be produced on Level 21 of The Emporium Hotel in Brisbane represented an expanse of 19 metres and would need to hold 600kg door leaves whilst providing reliable and functional operation for the end user as well as meeting the regulations provided by Industry.  Once complete, they would represent the largest top hung frameless sliding doors in Australia.


The challenge in the design process was in sourcing a suitable system that could carry the 600kg door leaves whilst also ensuring controlled operation.  The use of the Eposs mini crane system was chosen as the best solution as they would require little maintenance which was one of the main objectives.

The doors were designed to use 26.28 clear SG toughened laminated safety glass using custom glass hangers which were designed by the team at JH Glass Innovation to seamlessly integrate with the EPOss rollers as well as custom bottom rails and locks to ensure weather protection.


Installation of the doors on Level 21 was made possible using a mini crawler crane with the glass doors transported to Level 21 via the lobby lift.  The doors were then attached to a vacuum lifter whilst simultaneously manoeuvring the doors into position to attach the hangers whilst at the same time ensuring a safe install for our workers.


The seamless integration of the doors into the design of the rooftop bar and dining concept as well as being the largest top hung frameless sliding door system in Australia is an achievement which will assist in future applications of this medium in years to come.