2023 Bespoke Window/Glass Project Over $10,000 and National Design Award of the Year

Luminare glass bottom infinity pool

The project was recognised for industry excellence winning both state and national awards for our innovation of a glass bottom infinity pool for award winning developer, Cavcorp in their luxury apartment release, Luminare in Brisbane.

Residents can float through a 35m heated infinity pool with a spectacular glass bottom which features a 2.5m diameter circular glass panel placed outside the cantilevered edge, suspended 90m in the sky. The solutions delivered ensured a beautifully aesthetic project for residents to enjoy the views from the 27th floor, overlooking the Brisbane skyline, iconic Story Bridge and breathtaking Brisbane River.

2022 Bespoke Window/Glass Project Under $10,000 and National Design Award of the Year

Spiral Glass Table

The client wanted a point of difference & something eye catching for their hallway. John come up with a unique table design that certainly met the brief.

The table was crafted using individual pieces of 12mm clear glass UV glued together in an overlapping spiral configuration to create the 2 legs of the table.

Each leg was then glued to a multi layer glass base and finishing with a 15mm clear glass top.

This build took John more than 80 man hours to complete & once installed far exceeded the clients expectations.

2021 Bespoke Window/Glass Project Over $10,000 and National Design Award of the Year

Cobbold Gorge Glass Bridge

The glass bridge delivered for clients at Cobbold Gorge represents an Australian first for both design and installation. The project was successfully delivered nestled between 2 pieces of ancient rock formations in a remote outback location and provides a stunning glass feature for visitors to this award-winning attraction.

The standout features of the project are the 360kg glass floor panels which were installed using a custom fabricated gantry system with a centre gurder beam to allow a block and tackle to travel from one side to the other enabling us to safety install all the components required.

2021 Best use of Windows and Doors, Glass and Glazing under $100,000

Trinity Bay High school

This project was commissioned by the State Government to support local Indigenous and Torres Straight artists through recognition of their cultural value to the school community through the display of indigenous artistry using the medium of glass.

All of the balustrade panels including the landing panels, (some of which weighed 270kg) had to be carefully set out during installation to ensure the intricate design of the artistry was correctly aligned and represented correctly the indigenous art and their community.

This required the director John Hyde to work closely with the artist and the architects to deliver a glass solutions that would achieve their cultural and community vision.

The end result is an outstanding example of glass being used to represent indigenous Australians in the community for many years to come.

2019 Industry Person of the Year

John Hyde

This prestigious Award recognized John’s over 30 years industry experience and his foresight and skills as an innovator, capable of undertaking the most complex and challenging projects – many of which are a first of its kind for Australia.

With the worlds of technology and glass colliding, John sees glass becoming integrated in many aspects of everyone’s daily lives, well beyond the standard window fixtures and doors. With long standing international connections and relationships, John is at the forefront of discovering the applications that glass is being used for by technology innovators and is excited about the prospects for his industry.

2018 Best Use of Glass and Glazing – Residential over $20,000


A custom designed glass floor leading into a water closet over an internal pond lined with spectra elements and using vesper glass.

A custom glass and stainless-steel staircase with glass balustrade and glass landing all clad in mirror polished stainless steel with DMX controlled LED lighting installed in the treads.

2017 Best Use of Glass and Glazing – Residential over $20,000


A custom designed frameless balustrade paired with a custom designed frameless hinged door that acts as flooring but operates as a ‘trapdoor’ which opens via a controlled electric actuator solution to showcase an opening that leads downstairs to an isolated underneath deck space.

Integration of a biometric switch to control the operation and enable safe operation.

2016 Best Use of Glass and Glazing – Commercial under $50,000

Kawasaki Trinity Powersports

Full height frameless glazing with stainless steel spider clamps

4.5 metre frameless glazed panels for the automatic door entry

A custom glass portal fitted internally to support the frameless door entry

2015 Best Use of Glass and Glazing – Residential over $20,000

North Shore Penthouse

This renovation, took 18 months to complete, and was a finalist at the AGGA 2015 Glass and Glazing Design Awards for best residential project (over $20,000); and winner of the 2015 Glass and Aluminum Association of Queensland (GAAQ) award in the same category.